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Luxury lingerie with a conscience


Studio Pia is ethically crafted in the UK & Europe, with a focus on fashion-led, creative design, and cruelty-free, organic silk. Every garment is designed to flatter a range of body types, achieved through adjustable sections, allowing for a personalised fit.

Designs take reference from the worlds of fine art and couture, where rich colours and textures meet striking shapes, with exquisite construction and craftsmanship.


We are proudly dedicated to building a more sustainable fashion future.


Meet the Founder

& Designer

Pia Conaghan, the woman behind Studio Pia, has been quietly establishing herself at the heart of the luxury lingerie industry since 2010.
She completed her design BA at London College of Fashion, and quickly worked her way to becoming the designer in charge at Bordelle, where her creations were worn by the likes of Madonna, Beyonce and Britney Spears. Since then, Pia became the 'go-to' design consultant for all things lingerie, and has built up an impressive client base of both established and start-up brands.

Behind the


After spotting a gap in the market for ethical and truly luxurious lingerie, and recognising a demand for her to launch her own line, Pia began to develop her eponymous brand.
As a lifelong veggie, she was determined to create the first lingerie brand using exclusively cruelty-free, organic, peace silk.
Her vision was to design a collection of creative, investment pieces, which challenge preconceptions about ethical fashion aesthetics, and provide the customer with timeless luxury she can feel good about showing off.

"The first lingerie brand using exclusively cruelty-free, organic, peace silk."


- Pia Conaghan, Founder & Designer

Chantal Brocca

Eluxe Magazine

This emerging luxurious eco-friendly brand will literally make you lust after art and nature.

Nothing was left as an afterthought – even the little hardware adorning designs is made of ethically sourced, 24k gold.

Oh my.

Cora Harrington

The Lingerie Addict

Studio Pia is an answer to fast fashion, yes, but it’s also a new conceptualization of what ethical luxury lingerie can be. These are investment pieces, but they’re also awareness pieces. Couture with a conscience. Lingerie fused with fine art. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Alison Rubke

Lingerie Briefs

It is my pleasure to introduce Studio Pia; a luxury lingerie brand that represents beauty on many levels.

Studio Pia is a wonderful example of how ethical, sustainable luxury products can be created without compromise.

Julie Marshall

Don't Look

During my initial peruse through the label’s debut lookbook, there were moments when I actually gasped unable to contain my awe. I distinctly remember thinking that what I was observing was a lingerie occurrence of truly remarkable standing.

Tamar Kendall

Lingerie Briefs

A triumph of a collection, featuring a stunning palette of Bamboo Green, Jungle Green and Flamingo Pink inspired by the works of Henri Rousseau. The Liana Plunge Basque wraps the body in an illusion of embroidery and is trimmed with silk strapping…. a real show-stopper!